Maximize the Quality of Patient Care, and Minimize Adverse Events


Healthcare providers are faced with a proliferation of compliance requirements related to patient information security, operational practices, service delivery procedures, and electronic health record management.

The purpose of 4C360 for Healthcare is to develop scientific evidence that enables health care decision makers to make more informed health care choices.

4C360 will help accomplish this mission by conducting, supporting, and disseminating research designed to improve the outcomes, quality, and safety of health care, reduce its cost, broaden access to effective services, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the ways health care services are organized and delivered.

Towards Increased Patient Safety and CareHealthcare

The 4C360 solution ensures that healthcare providers successfully meet regulatory requirements by streamlining the various components of their healthcare compliance programs – including tracking regulatory changes, defining and assessing controls, identifying the risk of non-compliance, and performing internal audits. The solution also helps improve patient safety by supporting quality programs through document control, compliance training, on-going auditing, and recording and reporting issues and non-conformance incidents and the resulting corrective actions. Role-based dashboards, control diagrams, and scorecards provide visibility into on-going healthcare compliance efforts, and bring high-risk areas.

Centralized dashboards enhance visibility into the process, enabling managers to easily track the Medicare audit status. Powerful reporting capabilities provide trends and graphical charts based on a wide range of variables, including the service that is being audited, the physician associated with the service, and diagnosis codes. By tracking the audit patterns thus, the solution enables healthcare providers to gain a complete view of the appeals at every stage.

Advanced capabilities such as built-in status tracking and reporting, integrated document management, remediation action workflows and auto generation of tickets allow medical providers to implement industry best practices for regular self-assessments and internal audits.


Whether you are seeking to fulfill requirements for the Ministry of Health, or if you are conducting Health Plan for a thorough measure of patient satisfaction, 4C is fully qualified to conduct the survey, accurately and provide analysis and tools that provide clear direction for improving the experiences of your Clients. In real-time. At the push of a button.



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