GCR Management for the Retail, in Real-Time and at the Touch of a Button.

The Challenge for the Retail

As a Retailer, you need scale in order to increase the bottom line and grow shareholder value. But a bigger network also means a wider exposure, more pressure and a bigger risk of compromising on quality and damaging brand reputation. More products sold, more Customer interactions, more rules and less time are some of the challenges retailers constantly face.

Real-Time GRC, at the Push of a Buttonretail-web_monitor-01

  • Monitor operations
  • Manage incidents
  • Engage Customers
  • Control quality
  • Manage assets
  • Manage workforce

4C360 helps the Managing authority to know, organize and update data related to Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) activities in order to support their decision and operative procedures and it is custom-designed for the Retail industry. 

A plug and play, end-to-end, same time Performance Management solution. Monitor each and every store, in real-time against your own Quality Checklist. Establish sound governance, compliance and quality management programs across your whole network. A consistent and superior Customer experience.  A centralized and integrated approach to multiple program element

The Proof

  • mobily dials 4C360 for Quality Excellence
  • The Saudi Monetary Agency banks on the 4C360 Platform for a nationwide Quality Control program
  • NCB runs 4C360 for the roll-out of the new identity
  • GACA measuring GVIP Brand sentiment using 4C360
  • UGHI picks 4C360 to boost ROI
  • HRDF hires 4C360 for a better store experience
  • Alrajhi Bank chooses 4C360 for all its branches and ATMs Kingdomwide
  • riyadbank chooses 4C360 for maximum team collaboration

4C360 is Ideal For You If

  • You are a mid to large size organisation with GRC responsibilities.
  • You manage a wide network of assets and resources.
  • You outsource some of your maintenance and operations to a third party
  • You want total control over operations and assets, in real-time

4C360 combines the strengths of performance management and business intelligence (BI) to create a true closed-loop performance management solution. An end to end, effective and time-tested process



“Dear 4C Team, On behalf of Al Tayyar Travel Group I would like to thank you for your support, expertise, and continuous efforts that have helped to establish our brand presence throughout our KSA branches and implant offices. We are grateful for your professionalism and the manner how each campaign was handled achieving great success and outstanding results and exposure. We also appreciate the insightful data and information through your detailed reports that are sent post-campaigns. We look forward to continue this prosperous relationship with a lot more exciting projects. Thank you again for your cooperation.”

Jad Bitar

Marketing Manager, Al Tayyar Travel Group