Asset Management

The Challenge

With out-of-stocks representing both a significant cost and a reputational concern, inventory management continues to be a thorn in the side of every business sector. A new paradigm is needed – one which brings all factors into play, and which enables a proactive approach to solving asset related problems before they occur.

The Solution

A comprehensive solution that integrates the traditional Inventory Management function through the entire asset life cycle from planning to retirement. Concrete and detailed knowledge for every asset, property and facility under your management. In real-time and at the push of a button.

Traditional Inventory ManagementFalls Short

We Rethought Everything


Out of Stock


Asset Visibility


Inventory Control

Amazing solution

Solve Problems Before They Occur

Unique ID Registry
Localisation elements, physical and performance features, consistency (size, surface, volumes), preservation status, and more.

Functional Registry
Purposes, operational procedures, rules, staff representative, and more.

Administrative Registry
Rental agreement and purchase agreements, supply contracts, utilities. Legal status, amortizations, maintenance and more.

  • Out of Stock 0% 0%
  • Asset Visibility 100% 100%
  • Inventory Control 100% 100%

The Results Are Amazing

Manage and optimize the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of all your assets within your organization, in real-time and at the push of a button.