Workforce Management

The Challenge

Traditionally, it’s been difficult to measure productivity in the back office as well as to measure the level of service delivered resulting in more and more of the tedious, time-consuming and error-prone tasks. The increasing need for fully integrated systems means that we’re also seeing a growing demand for dedicated workforce management systems that bring all KPIs into one central function.

The Solution

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enables agents to use their own devices such as smartphones and tablets in the workplace for work-related tasks.This will have a highly motivating effect, resulting in more active and productive agents. It will also enhance workplace productivity in terms of consistent schedule adherence and other productivity metrics, as well as improve agent engagement, service level and customer satisfaction

Drive Employee Performance and Engagement

We Rethought Everything


Increased Productivity


Employee Performance


Workforce Control

Amazing Solution

Maximize Productivity and Performance

Optimise Efficiency
Automatically identifying time slots that are less busy and use this time in a strategic way

Empowered Teams
Empower agents with a comprehensive understanding of their role and the services they provide to customers and key “work life” information while on the move on their smartphone.

Custom Workflows
Automated processes will help lower costs, boost productivity and improve skills

  • Increased Productivity 25% 25%
  • Employee Performance 50% 50%
  • Workforce Control 100% 100%

The Results Are Amazing
Optimally plan and dispatch field service technicians and their properly stocked vehicles to a customer’s location in a timely manner in order to deliver against their service commitments.