Compliance Management

The Challenge

Substantial duplication of tasks evolves when governance, risk management and compliance are managed independently. Overlapping GRC activities negatively impact both operational costs and GRC metrics. For example, each internal service might be audited and assessed by multiple groups on an annual basis, creating enormous cost and disconnected results.

The Solution

4C360 Compliance Management module automates the entire Policy Management lifecycle, and generates detailed reports and audit trails that provide Senior Management with demonstrable evidence of governance/regulatory compliance accountability, and escalation procedures in the event of non-compliance. 

Governance, Risk and Compliance Management
at the Push of a Button

We Rethought Everything


Same Time Reporting


Business Continuity


Team Collaboration

Amazing Result

Control Everything, in Real-Time

Total Control
Provide the control mechanisms to ensure that management strategies and instructions are carried out systematically and effectively.

Turnkey Solution
Synchronize information and activity across GRC in order to operate more efficiently, enable effective information sharing, more effectively report activities and avoid wasteful overlaps

Performance Management
Ensure that critical management information is sufficiently complete, accurate and timely to enable appropriate management decision making, and

  • Same Time Reporting 100% 100%
  • Business Continuity 100% 100%
  • Team Collaboration 100% 100%

The Results Were Amazing
End-to-end business continuity lifecycle; from planning to early warning system tracking, risk assessment and response. An easy-to-use collaborative incident management system that speeds communication, tracks progress, and simplifies project management.