The Challenge

Founded in 1957, Al Rajhi Bank is one of the largest Islamic banks in the world with a market capitalization of over 25 billion and assets in excess of 75 billion. Managing such huge inventory of items, monitoring compliance and risk for more than 750 branches and 4500 ATMs Kingdom Wide is a giant task. needs to damage and decay. The smallest improvement can make a huge difference in savings and efficiency.  

The Solution

A smart and intuitive 4C360 Dashboard providing live asset count and condition, in real-time and at the push of a button to the Bank’s operations and maintenance teams. An interactive gallery of images of each and every asset, categorised by zone and by type. A custom incident management system with selective tickets which requires validation by business owner before an observation is converted into a ticket.

Asset Management for alrajhi

Maximize Licecycle

Increase Shareholder Value




Margin of Error



Amazing Solution

Information is Power

Alrajhi 4C360 solution Integrates the traditional Asset Management function through the entire asset lifecycle from planning to retirement.

Visual and status for each Property and Facility managed.

Take the right decisions at the right time and eliminate wastage.

  • Mobile Sales 80% 80%
  • Website Traffic 50% 50%
  • Conversion Rate 75% 75%
  • Email Subscribers 60% 60%

The Results Were Amazing
End-to-end business continuity lifecycle; from planning to early warning system tracking, risk assessment and response. An easy-to-use collaborative incident management system that speeds communication, tracks progress, and simplifies project management.

Real-time monitoring of all Operations and Assets

Industry Specific Quality Checklists

Harness the Power of 4C360