Data is the New Oil

On the fly critical data capture and same time data processing. A 360 view of your operations, assets and processes, in real-time.

Tailor-Made Data Collection Solutions

At 4C, our approach is to deliver a quality audit that is risk-based and tailored to your particular operational structure and size.
Anytime, anywhere and for all your GRC missions. Huge savings and countless benefits.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

4C360 can integrate with all sources of data and listening posts. The information is processed and visualised in real-time via a cloud-based 4C360 platform. A command and operations center where all stakeholders work, hand-in-hand.

Sector Specific GRC Solutions

Solutions with quality standards that comply with the highest requirements.

End to End Performance Management

Today, Consumers have higher expectations and access to instant information. Decisions are further complicated by rapidly evolving technologies and an ecosystem which is disrupting organization’s ability to control. 4C360 lets you take the right decision at the right time.

4C Quality Inspectors

Tap into a team of highly qualified Quality Auditors with activities covering all industry sectors and expertise covering products and development, inspection, verification, certification and quality assurance.

Remote Sensors

Collecting, storing and analyzing data from industrial sensors, network logs and other machinery connected to the so-called Internet of Things has become more feasible because of the emergence of big data technologies.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Employees, Customers and other stakeholders are able to use their own smartphones and devices to capture and share data through the 4C360 platform.

Desktop Computers

Desk support agents and everyone else with a PC can connect with the 4C360 platform to share data, anywhere, anytime.