Big Data for Big Risk Management

Real-time and coordinated control over GRC is vital


Years to build. Seconds to destroy.

Successful execution of business strategies requires an ability to effectively balance supply chain with risk management and compliance obligations.

The Challenge

Businesses operate in unique, complex  and evolving physical and regulatory environments. Silos management and manual responses, are no longer an option.

The Solution

4C360 leverage cloud, mobility and Big Data into a single platform. An operational and strategic tool with quantifiable and actionable barometers of performance.

Make sure that critical information is reaching the executive team to enable instant and appropriate decision making. more

Instantly identify, analyze and respond to risks that might adversely affect the organization’s business objectives. more

Monitor in real-time the state of compliance, to initiate all corrective actions necessary to maintain service excellence. more

Real-time Governance,

Risk Management and Compliance

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They Bank on 4C360




Retailers reach a stage where coordinated control over Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) activities is crucial to operate effectively. Yet, far too many Retail operations continue to approach GRC with manual and disconnected responses.


Quick Service Restaurants

Business intelligence is the key for the success of organizations in the hospitality industry. 4C360 gives you the power to manage the performance of your restaurants, analyze their operations and monitor their problems, all from a single screen and in real-time.



You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Marketing and distribution are the pillars of FMCG companies like yours. Get all the real time data you need to make key strategic decisions with our 4C360 visual product.


Operations & Maintenance

O&M business units hold a vital role within the organisation. O&M are responsible to schedule and monitor Preventive Maintenance programs. They also manage Field teams on the ground, make sure there is adequate supply of spare parts and a hundred more tasks, every second of the day and every day of the year.



There is no other business where hygiene and quality control matter more. The smallest overlook can be fatal. 4C360 will make sure you are in full control of all your vitals.


Research & Marketing

Knowing exactly the situation on the ground is crucial. 4C360 empowers organizations with instant business intelligence into areas that were previously out of reach.